Collection: Alchemy + Herbs Healing

Hi, I’m Jen Black and I’m the creatrix behind Alchemy + Herbs Healing. As an artist, healer, and budding herbalist I combine my love of art, healing, and magick to create unique products for the mind, body, and spirit.

I offer Transformational Healing Sessions, small-batch personal care products, and ritual tools to support your wellness journey and spiritual development. I believe that everyone deserves to live their best life and my goal is to help transform the lives of everyone I work with.

Each of my products is created with a specific intention in mind and there is so much love, magick, and healing energy poured into each item. I create each blend using my intuition, a pendulum, and also by meditating and asking my guides for help in choosing the right ingredients. All of the products I create are Reiki-infused to enhance the healing properties of the herbs, crystals, and essential oils that are used in each blend.

I also offer Transformational Healing Sessions that are client-centered, meaning that your unique needs and goals are what will shape each session. Sessions are available via Zoom or in-person in West Asheville for Transformational Hypnosis, Reiki, and Crystal Healing.

If you’re ready to start transforming your life, now is the time! 

You can find Jen Black at