Collection: Bella Pokes

My name is Bella. My roots in Southern Appalachia have connected me to the land and its
history in a way that is best expressed through artwork. I am a pen and ink artist, a painter, and a tattoo artist. I love creating work that reflects the duality of life and death, the fragility and power of nature, and brings the natural world to the forefront of our attention as something we should honor. I am inspired by music and poetry, foraging for bones, and watching birds and insects. I have been drawing for the majority of my life, but have been working with intention to produce pieces that feel resonant, meaningful, and magical for the past few years. I have been painting with acrylics for one year and have been tattooing for two. I post about my art on my Instagram page; @bellapokes, and on my website . I love collaborating with others to make custom paintings and drawings but am always most excited by the inspiration that the wind carries to me!