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Meet your Readers...


Melinda Raines

Melinda offers Archetype Readings & Somatic Shadow Integration using a combination of somatic energy reading and psychic work, and the tool of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. She helps you uncover what parts of you may be resistant to the change you seek, then lovingly guides you through offering these parts of you the care they need. Ultimately helping you to see your situation from a new empowered perspective. Melinda is also a trauma informed Sex & Love Coach offering Astrology of Love Readings with her astrologer husband, Walden. Lastly she's combined her passion for bold self expression through style and intuitive reading to develop an Embodied Style Archetype Reading to help you express your inner style confidently on the outside. Melinda is available for booking ahead Mondays-Fridays from 8:30-11:30AM.

Karen Genaro

Karen is a longtime practitioner of a number of healing arts. She mainly works with a unique style of energetic reading and repatterning. She identifies as a medium and a resident of the crossroads. She's developed a deep relationship with the Tarot and is a student of the I Ching, and intertwines these and other systems of divination with a physical binary sensitivity to access uncommon levels of consciousness. It is an art that is very unlike traditional cleromancy. Karen is available for Drop-ins and booking ahead on some Fridays from 12-6PM


Bobbi Rose

Reverend Bobbi Rose has over 20 years experience as a
tarot reader, astrologer, and spiritual guide. She's passionate about helping individuals
gain self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking through the power of tarot and astrology. She facilitates growth, empowerment, and practical
life solutions. Her approach is warm, intuitive, and personalized, ensuring each reading is a transformative and memorable experience. Bobbi Rose is available for Drop-ins and booking ahead on some Fridays from 12-6PM



LUMiN Love-Star is a Ceremonial Love Priestess, Relationship Oracle, Spiritual Guide, Alchemical Breathwork Facilitator, and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Lumin offers intuitive Readings with Tarot, Oracle, & Medicine Cards and is available for Drop-ins and booking ahead on some Saturdays from 12-6PM 


Nicole Gugiolo

Nicole of Taurus Moon Astrology offers intuitive tarot readings and somatically grounded and intuitively rooted astrology readings. Her work supports you in gaining more clarity and insights into any area of your life. Do you feel stuck, stagnant, frustrated, or confused about something in your life? Tarot & Astrology are powerful tools that offer a mirror and reflection to gain deeper insights into what we seek to know. Nicole is available for booking ahead and drop in readings on Every other Sunday 12-5PM.


David Briere

David is a professional astrologer specializing in Mundane, Horary, and Electional Astrology in the Western Tradition. He is the author of The Saturn Pluto Cycle, a graduate from the Kaivalya Astrological Certification Program, and renowned astrologer with over seven years experience. He has been blessed with the ability to translate cosmic symbols into tangible wisdom that is practical and actionable. David has deemed it his mission to align people with their own unique signature of stardust so they can
move forward into their greatest potential. David is available for booking ahead and drop in readings Every other Sunday 12-5pm. To book ahead email: