Collection: Melinda Love Raines

Melinda Love Raines is a North Carolina based coach, intuitive guide, and maker inspired by nature, relationships, and authentic self expression.

Her sculptural vulva jewelry line called Intuition by Melinda Love is a celebration of the inner magic that has led her home to her true self.

Melinda is an intuitive empath who uses her six senses and training as a Trauma Informed Sexuality Coach to hold space for the healing of the mind, body, spirit connection.

She offers On-the-spot and Full Length Intuitive Readings with Cards and Somatic Coaching to facilitate Shadow Integration for Individuals and Couples.

She offers a free weekly live class at called Embodied Magic

She will soon be offering digital downloads of her classes:

  • Inner Magic: Gentle Shadow work 
  • Sacred Sex & Sex Magic
  • Orgasmic Training for Women