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Mountain Magic

Many Paths - One Mountain

Walden & Melinda

At MOUNTAIN MAGIC, Our mission is to provide an inclusive space for all who want to learn and share magic. This is where you can be yourself, ask the questions you have burning inside you and explore what being witchy means to you.

Your Magic Matters!

Walden and Melinda share a love of learning, tiny treasures, and creating unique experiences of curiosity in the Mountain Magic Shop. 

Mountain Magic was birthed On October 25th 2022 during the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Walden & Melinda have combined their passions and experience to offer The Astrology of Your Love Readings. Check it out Here!


More About the Owners...

WALDEN is the Creative Director and Operations Manager at MMS and has been a dabbler in many manner of magic and occult studies since his teenage years in Western NC.

His pursuits led him to acquire experience and practice in Astrology, Religious Studies, Word Wizardy, Ceremonial Magic, Tarot, Grimoires and much more. He's amassed an impressive magical library and is a voracious reader and listener of all things occult and esoteric wisdom.

He's passionate about the preservation of WNC Folk Magic and about providing a space at MMS for the pursuit of magical knowledge that celebrates the diversity and roots of magic.


MELINDA is the Managing Director and Boutique Curator at MMS and identifies as an Eclectic Witch and Intuitive Empath. As an introverted and spiritually inclined child, she found her magic early on through inner contemplation and communing with nature, as well as song, movement, and sharing those things in the community where she was raised in central NC.

Melinda's trained in many subjects including somatic work, Intimacy Coaching, Emotional Alchemy, Hypnosis, Breathwork, Sex Magic, Identity & Archetype empowerment, and is a Trauma Informed Coach. She draws from a longstanding personal practice of therapeutic journaling, Shadow Work, and Moon magic. Her passion is creating safe enough space for all the light and dark in herself and others to surface and be lovingly integrated for full reclamation of personal power.

She's honored to hold a nurturing container for the MMS Community to grow in love and compassion while also pushing the envelope of how we experience our own realities.

In addition to Managing the Retail space at MMS, Melinda teaches Embodied Magic Shadow Work and Sex Magic and Offers Intuitive Readings and Shadow Integration sessions for Individuals and Couples.