Art & Creativity Jam

Let's get creative y'all! 🧚🎨🧙‍♀️

This is a time for you to enjoy the company of other artists and makers in the witchy Mountain Magic Common Room. Get inspired and make magical art in community.

Here's the Deets:

Here's the equipment we have for you:

  • 35 Chairs
  • 4 Large and 1 Small Folding tables
  • 8 Yoga Mats
  • Sitting pillows for floor seating
  • Sound Bar Speaker, Hi-Fidelity Speakers or you can bring your own sound equipment
  • Acoustics and size of space are great for non-amplified sound


Rules for Using the Space

  • Max Capacity is currently 30 people
  • You are welcome to use any of the furniture and equipment. Please return the items to where you found them when you leave and take care of this space for the whole community.
  • Amplified sound should not be loud enough to disturb neighboring tenants
  • You may bring in food, please clean up after yourself.
  • Alcohol and Drugs are strictly prohibited in our building. Do not come to MMS intoxicated.
  • Please bring drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect surfaces of our tables and floors.
  • Please clean up any spills promptly and let us know so we can help with proper cleaning supplies.
  • Please do not bring any materials that contain harmful chemicals or emit strong odors.
  • Leave No Trace! Pack it in, Pack it out, y'all. Please do not use bathroom sink for washing out any paints or other art supplies down the drain.