Community and Company Policies

Drug and Alcohol Free Zone

Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited on our premises including the parking lot, alleyway and sidewalk. If you appear or act under the influence of any mind altering substance, you'll be asked to leave. We have nothing against these substances, however we seek to hold a safe space for those who do not partake in them and we wish to share these crafts in sober mindstates for optimum safety of expansion, understanding and recollection.


For the well-being of our community, and yourself, please stay at home if you feel sick. Use your best judgement when coming to the studio after recovering from illness or after being in contact with an ill person.

We do not require masking unless legally required to operate.

If you personally desire to wear one, please do.

If you're sick, stay home and get well soon.

Harassment, Discrimination, Disrespect

In this space you are invited to show up as true yourself, and so is everyone else here. We welcome each other and our many parts, encourage lively conversations and debate. However, if your self-expression is encroaching on another persons' sense of physical and emotional safety or privacy, you will be invited into a Collaborative, Non-Violent Communication Dialogue to seek a resolution to the issue. If there is unwillingness to participate in respectful communication or if the matter is particularly offensive or unsafe, you will be asked to leave the event you are attending to preserve the safety of the container. Resolution of the conflict must be reached between all parties before attending future events and classes.

To learn more about conflict resolution at MMS, please contact us.