Community & Company Values


This is a safe(r) space for all racial, gender, sexual, religious, magical, etc identities. This means we ask all of us who share this space to individually commit to doing our very best to educate ourselves about how to act in an accepting and loving way towards all members of our community.
We also recognize it's impossible to be 100% non-offensive and that sometimes we unintentionally hurt others with our actions, words, or intentions. This is the purpose for referring to this as a safe(r) space than your average gathering space. We recognize we are all doing our best but we will get triggered at some point and triggers lead to growth opportunities. The energy behind our intentions is acceptance and understanding of each other and ourselves. When hurt happens, we strive to choose to correct course in a swift and thorough manner, honoring both the truth in our own hearts and the reality of others' experience in our community. We vow to take responsibility for our own feelings and triggers and to speak up when something is not sitting right in our hearts. We strive towards positive solutions for all. This is the magic of our word and our love in action.
We require an inclusive mindset from all members and any discrimination of any kind will result in discussion of the matter in Non-Violent Communication format to get to the root of the event and find a common ground and satisfying resolution for all involved. If there is unwillingness to participate in respectful communication or if the matter is particularly offensive or unsafe, you may be asked to leave the event you are attending to preserve the safety of the container. Resolution of the conflict must be reached between all parties before attending future events and classes to attend to the atmosphere of safety in this community. 

Self- Expression

You are invited and encouraged to express yourself in ways authentic to you and your magic. As long as this expression is not harmful to yourself, others or the space, this expression is welcome and necessary for building authentic connections.


Your fullest participation will make this space alive with magic! We encourage you to gently expand your own boundaries, and participate courageously however that looks for you in the moment. Whether that's asking a question in class, Demonstrating a technique, sharing a radical viewpoint, or just showing the eff up. We invite you to participate at your 100%.

Acceptance and Tolerance

We hold a sacred container for all to express their truth through self-expression and participation. We strive to accept all people where they are and to look for something we can connect with in each person. Sometimes when view points are too foriegn to our nervous systems we struggle to accept and strive to access tolerance and hold the belief that all humans have value and intelligence and deserve to be treated with respect, even if we don't understand them or their expression.

Appreciation of the Roots of our Magical Practices

We are deeply committed to honoring the roots of the magic we bring to the group and require attention to them to avoid and heal where possible the cultural misappropriation of magical practices.
Teachers and lecturers are expected to know and share the roots of their craft and be open to discussion and questions around this.
Some magical practices have been shared cross-culturally in an open way. Others have been taken more violently without regard for the culture where they were cultivated. Some Practices are held secret and sacred never intended to be shared or only given to initiates, and others have been widely published and intended for mass consumption. We will do our best to respect the intention of the creators of the magic as best we know it.
We look to the heart of what is similar behind all magical paths, connection to ones own power as paired with connection to the power of the whole.
We encourage discussion about this topic when it arises so that we can all strive to do better, deepen the integrity of our magical identities, learn and spread truth, and give credit where credit is due.

Self-Reliance and Self-Care

Each person who enters our space is responsible for their state of mind and emotions. The classes and services offered here are not a substitute for mental or physical health care. We trust you to be aware of your limits and boundaries and to care for yourself. If you need help facilitating self-care, we are happy and willing to help guide you in a direction that feels aligned to you without judgement. Asking for help can be beautiful self-care.


All teaching and learning is to happen with consent. Getting express consent around physical touch or affection in social interaction in our community is vital in creating a sense of safety​.
No means no.
Maybe means no.
Reluctant yeses mean no.
Enthusiastic yeses mean yes.
Any consent violations or confusing situations should be brought to the attention of facilitators present and a Non-Violent Communication resolution should be sought to all party's satisfaction. Repeated consent offenses overt or covert, will result in being asked to work 1:1 with one of the NVC and Coaching trained facilitators to work towards consent behaviors that reflect respect to others in the community. Together, a plan to preserve the safety of the container will be created. Resolution of any conflicts must be reached between all parties before attending future events and classes.

Conflict Resolution Through Non-Violent Communication

There are times in any community or family when emotions run high, misunderstandings occur, and conflict arises. Because we value maintaining safety, connection,  really understanding each other and being understood, we will follow a specific protocol inspired by our understanding of Marshall Rosenberg's NonViolent Communication to resolve any conflict that arises during discussions, classes or events. The focus will remain on learning about ourselves, each other and how we can serve the greater good of the community at MMS and humanity as a whole. 
To learn more about conflict resolution at MMS, contact us!