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Astrology Reading with Nicole

Astrology Reading with Nicole

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About astrology readings-

Astrology is a language and the language connects us to the Cosmic Spiritual Guides above. As an extremely clear mirror and powerful archetypal energy, the zodiac helps us to learn who we truly are and what our souls’ path is while we experience life on Earth.

The planets love to work with us, they love to teach us, they want to guide us. We have immense opportunities for growth, expansion, abundance, expression on this planet. And this includes honoring the contraction, the shadows, the limitations, the fullness of our emotions.

Consulting the zodiac, we are given an intricate map of our soul. We learn about our gifts, our strengths, our weak spots, our soul's True North, how we love, how we communicate, what makes us tick, on so on and so forth!

As an astrological guide, I invite you to be reflected by the sun, stars, and planets. I guide you through the language of astrology so that you feel the connection & resonance from the heavens above. My dearest desire is to create a somatically grounded space for you to be seen, to feel safe to explore who you are, and to be curious about how to create deeper connections within and without.

I invite you to move more into alignment with the heavens above & receive their wisdom & guidance. Finding your true north & experiencing true belonging on this planet.

About Natal Chart Readings-

The moment you were born, the stars aligned in the sky in an exact position. This exact positioning creates your natal/birth chart- this is your soul's map.

Exploring our natal chart is like looking into the mirror. I often hear people say to astrologers, “how do they know me so well?!”

And the astrologer doesn’t! But the zodiac does!

During a natal chart reading, we will dance through the big picture of what the stars say about YOU. Exploring areas of life and the influences of the planets and signs within your natal chart helps you to connect with who you are, the inner-workings of your being, your gifts, strengths, and your weak spots, your soul's past, present, and future path.

Exploring your natal chart can help you feel seen and reflected clearly. There is a resonance we feel as we learn about the signs, planets, and houses that are alive within our natal chart.

We can also gain more clarity on challenges within our lives, areas of life that are inviting us to focus on or to tend to, and skills we may need to focus on developing to better serve us on our path True North.

If you desire to connect more deeply to all of who you are and to build relationships within and without through astrology, I invite you to explore your natal chart.

About Transit Readings:

The stars dance in the sky, always moving, aligning and aspecting with your own natal chart. Do you notice how some days you feel an amped up energy in the air and on other days you run into a lot of setbacks and the energy just feels stagnant? We can look to the stars to help us orient to the changing energies all around us!

Astrology transit readings can look back in time or forward in time, depending on what you feel called to explore.

Past transit readings can help us gain clarity on the past, especially through trying & difficult life experiences. Seeing how the stars have interacted with our natal charts during past times of our life and the areas of life that have been activated. They can support us in integrating important life lessons, reflect on our growth, and find closure, respect, & compassion for our past selves & experiences.

Future transit readings offer us a look ahead of the star’s movements & interactions with our natal chart. What is the theme for me this year?

What is the vibe of the sky? What areas of life are likely to be prosperous, challenging, or perhaps less active this year?

I invite you to move more into alignment with the heavens above & receive their wisdom & guidance, whether through past integration readings or future vibe readings.

I offer somatically grounded and intuitively rooted astrology readings & guidance.
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Astrology is a language that I felt deeply called to learn and as I dove into the  expansiveness of the cosmos through study, I desired a deeper connection to the sky above.  Through the ritual of giving up on becoming an expert of astrology through intense study, the  planets began to speak to me. The further away I moved from the study and tracking of the  zodiac, the more I turned on and tuned into my intuition of the stars above. The zodiac became  alive and in-body, my intuition was synced up to the stars above and the deeper connection I  desired was more expansive than my wildest dreams. As an ambassador of the planets, my  dearest desire is to invite others into deeper relationship with these wise guides above!  

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