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Melinda Love

MELINDA ~ Embodied Style Archetype Reading

MELINDA ~ Embodied Style Archetype Reading

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Step into authentic expression through the sacred art of embodied style.

This unique offering is a comprehensive way for you to not only look good but also feel confident and authentic in your style choices. It combines elements of self-discovery, color and lines analysis, and personal expression to create a unique and enduring style that reflects your true inner self.

Far beyond fashion, this reading connects you to your purpose and how you express that through the clothing you place on the vessel of you soul.

Through Tarot Major Arcana Archetype Reading, we'll connect you with the archetype that will guide you into your new expression

and through Somatic Coaching, we'll connect to the deeper purpose your new expression holds. Whether you're leaning into your soft watery yin, or your passionate and firey yang.

We'll then explore the psychology of your best colors, textures and lines through a simple color and lines analysis that will help you feel confident as you shop your new style.

Whether you want to communicate to the world boldness and stability or easy breezy creativity, connecting with our Embodied Style Archetype ensures you are communicating exactly who you want to communicate you are to the outside world. This changes the way you interact with the people in your life as they see you in a new light and you feel the confidence to embody who you know you are.

This important work lasts a lifetime as your best colors never change and learning to embody your style archetype is a process you can use over and over as you reinvent your look and your identity again and again.

This service can be booked in person or online.

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