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In the Flow Creative Breakthrough Month w/Melinda

In the Flow Creative Breakthrough Month w/Melinda

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This is a one month coaching container including:

  • Four 1 hour sessions
  • Four e-mail check-ins in between sessions

Sessions can be held in person at Mountain Magic Studio or virtually.

I help creatives get their flow back, turning self-sabotage into expression by making peace with the three most important parts of their Creative Soul:

  • The Inner Child
  • The Voice
  • The Sexuality

Through Transformational Shadow Work and Empowerment Coaching, you'll release the hold of the Perfectionistic Inner Critic so that you can make meaningful progress towards your creative goals.

The sessions in this month-long program cover 4 important areas:

  1. Establishing relationship with the Divine Feminine- creating an atmosphere of radical self-love and acceptance
  2. Establishing relationship with the Divine Masculine- cultivating a sense of inner security and safety
  3. Connecting with the creative sexual center- unlocking the seat of your life force and creative juices
  4. Calling your Muse into Creative Communion- surrendering to the flow of creative ideas and letting Spirit use you as a vessel of pure expression

Meet your coach, Melinda...

Hey there!

First and foremost, I'm a lifelong creative with many experiences of creative flow, block, and overwhelm. I've tried so many different types of expressive arts from electroforming to fire dancing to musical theater to vulva jewelry to podcasting. Each and every time I expressed myself creatively, I had to fight my demons to get to a place of authentic expression. I knew there had to be a more easeful and self-supportive way of dancing with The Muse...

Back in 2018 I set off on the journey to become a Women's Empowerment and Sexuality Coach. Through the course of my training and beginning to work with clients around sexuality, I found myself time and again aligning with clients who were creative people experiencing a block in their ability to create their artwork. These were successful artists who had met a trickling or total damming up of their creative flow. What they all had in common was an overactive inner critic and low attention to pleasure.

Through working to create safety and openness around allowing themselves to truly lavish in the experience of sensual pleasure and a deep connection with their own sexual identity, they were able to tap into parts of their creative voice they hadn't before. Finding richer, more meaningful expression in their work, more boldness in the projects they pursued, and more comfort with the ebb and flow of the muse.

Working closely with other women in the field of sexuality and creativity confirmed what I innately knew to be true, that these two forces are inherently linked in our energy bodies and the healthy flow of one encourages and supports the other.

Most excitingly, I discovered it is possible through the repeatable process I've developed to unlock the flow of both in a way that is sustainable and palatable to the nervous system.

I am a trauma informed coach with a 600-hour level training focusing on Sacred Sexuality and Women's Empowerment around emotions, money, and project completion.

I also use my intuitive abilities as an energy reader to help rapidly move you from confusion and stagnation to clarity and creative flow.

As an artist and a sensual creature, I know how painful it is to be stagnant in your expression, feeling numb and unable to put into words or on canvas that which is inside of you.

Art is more than pretty pictures and beautiful music. It's what makes life worth living and it's the vehicle for processing challenging experiences and feelings into messages that help us make sense of life, heal ourselves, and feel fully alive.

If you are stuck right now, I know you are scared and feeling grief at losing connection with the ease of creating.

Let's take that fear and sadness, honor the parts of you that have never gotten the chance to express themselves and uplevel your creative genius as you claim your next big identity as a Pleasure Positive Creatrix.

If you're wondering if this package is right for you, feel free to reach out via email to



If you need to reschedule, please call/email or use the rescheduling button 24 hrs in advance.

Habitual no-shows or late cancellations will result in forfeiting session.

Exceptions for emergencies and illness. If you are ill enough to cancel the in-person meeting, but well enough to have a virtual meeting, we can use video conferencing.

All 4 sessions must be used within 60 days of original purchase date.

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