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Manifesting Intentional Oil Roller

Manifesting Intentional Oil Roller

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The Manifesting oil blend is your secret tool to unlocking your manifestation powers and achieving your goals! This exquisite blend is specially crafted to help you amplify your intention setting and manifest your dreams into reality. This oil can help you connect with your inner power and focus your energy on creating the life you truly desire. Simply anoint your body, crystals, or spiritual tools with this powerful oil, and set your intention to manifest your goals with ease. Whether you're looking to attract abundance, love, or success, our Manifesting oil blend can help you tap into your limitless potential and create the life of your dreams. Unlock your manifestation powers today and experience the magick of our Manifesting oil blend! This oil is Reiki-infused to amplify the intention and properties of the crystals, herbs, and essential oils.

10 mL

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