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Mountain Magic

The Magic in Your Genes: Your Personal Path To Ancestor Work

The Magic in Your Genes: Your Personal Path To Ancestor Work

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This book offers a primer on the basics of dna and genetic genealogy practices, so no prior knowledge is required. Magical tips and techniques are placed throughout to help the reader utilize both technical and magical resources as appropriate to the content in each chapter. Written in a conversational style, the book is easy to understand by those with limited knowledge of genetics and genealogy, yet the book’s technical aspects on dna and genetic testing are based on current standards as set forth by professional associations. Includes: real-life stories from a variety of pagans, wiccans, and witches who’ve done genealogy testing and used their results to explore their own magical identity and deepen their relationship with ancestors, the author’s own experiences with dna testing and genealogy and how it is utilized by her in her own spiritual and magical practice, correspondences, recipes, rituals, and spells, resources, a glossary, and more.

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