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Emily Land

Vessel #2

Vessel #2

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By Emily Land 


Emily Land

Vessel 1, 2 & 3

Oil Paint on Canvas  


The concepts behind these paintings was inspired by The Wild Unknown’s Archetype deck by Kim Krans. During a pertinent turning point in my life, I pulled The Vessel card. 

This deck describes the vessel as “the most powerful archetypal form on Earth. It is everywhere. Cups hold liquid, stoves hold fire, our bodies hold organs, our homes hold families… the vessel protects what it contains. Healing cannot be sustained without a strong container.” 

I became obsessed with what it meant for my body to be my vessel for healing, esspecially my body as a woman. To me, my vessel ebbs and flows, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, dark, or bright. Whatever way, my vessel carries on softly and aims to pour only lightness into others, holding boundaries when it cannot pour. Ultimately these paintings represent the circle of growing within one’s self and the soul-depth created through the process. 



Emily Land is an Asheville native. While she spent the last 5 years out in the Southwest of Colorado, she is back in Asheville with paintings to show her journey back home. Emily Land uses her art as an extension of her spirituality and considers art and magic to be one in the same. Much of her work expresses the magic for the divine feminine with an allusion to nature with its soft curved shapes and deep colors. She aims to express the complexity of the intuitive mind and the peace that painting has brought to her life. 

Emily Land has practiced as an artist for over a decade and as an art educator for 5 years. Her passion is talking about the healing process of art and spreading its power and magic to anyone interested in healing theirselves or others. 



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